Portrait of Jim Pallas, photo by Alonso del Arte.

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Jim Pallas

Painter and sculptor, some of this paintings are endowed with a fascinating 3-dimensionality. Jim moved out of Michigan months ago, having made many important contributions to Michigan's culture.

Hitchhiking Monk

Fans of Thelonious Monk crowd around Jim's Hitchhiking Monk.

Jef and Jim

Jef Bourgeau and Jim Pallas at the N'Namdi Center.

Upcoming exhibitions

We will make some effort to keep you apprised of Jim's future exhibitions, wherever in the world they take place, but for the most up to date information, check his official website (linked below).

Past exhibitions

It's a long list going back several years, we'll have to compile it later. Of note is the Art Giants in Detroit series that was showcased at the N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art in 2012.

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