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Negative and Print

4219 Third
Detroit MI 48201

Owned and directed by Suraj Bhamra, this gallery and studio is dedicated to film black and white photography. However, this is really more of a studio than a gallery; the gallery aspect of it really takes a back seat to the film processing aspect.

On June 2, 2016, Suraj announced that Negative and Print is relocating, so he will not be taking any new orders for the time being. On January 19, 2017, Suraj posted on the studio's Facebook page that "there are several opportunities for a new location that I am currently exploring." No clear word on whether those new location opportunies are all in Detroit. For now we can only speculate.

Upcoming exhibitions

We can only guess when the second exhibit here will be. It could very well happen that Negative and Print reopens only as a film developing lab, without the gallery component.

Past exhibition

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