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Galleries in Detroit

Although Cass Cafe and Great Lakes Coffee show art in exhibits of fixed or roughly fixed duration, I consider both of those places to be restaurants that show art as a non-primary activity, and therefore they don't count as art galleries.

However, Cass Cafe is more serious about art exhibitions than perhaps any other restaurant in Detroit, with new exhibits announced in the Art Detroit Now newsletter on a fairly regular basis. The address for Cass Cafe is 4620 Cass.

Motor City Brewing Works used to have little one-night solo shows almost every Wednesday of the year, but the frequency has decreased significantly. The address is 470 W. Canfield.

After moving from Ferndale to Detroit, The Butcher's Daughter moved to New York.

Kunsthalle Detroit is believed to be permanently closed.

I don't remember exactly when the Marygrove College Art Gallery closed. Or if it never did really close. The address is 8425 W. McNichols.

Inner State Gallery closed on December 16, 2017. The owners might start a new gallery with a new name at a new location.

City Sculpture is more correctly considered to be a museum rather than a gallery.

There is quite a bit of a connection between Birmingham and Detroit: Like Wasserman Projects, Reyes Projects could also be said to have moved from Birmingham to Detroit.