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Galleries in Michigan

There is some overlap between art museums and art galleries. A museum can have exhibits that are up for a short period of time, while a gallery can have a permanent collection, some of which may or may not be displayed somewhere that is accessible for visitors to see.

To make the distinction on this website, I go by what is the main attraction for people to come to that place. If people come to the place to see items from the permanent collection, which they expect to be in the place for indefinite periods of time, then it's a museum. If people come to the place mainly for exhibits of artwork that is different, or at least distinct, from what they've seen in that place before, then it's a gallery.

There is also the issue of galleries in places that are mainly for another purpose, like a coffee shop or a bookstore. Although I have not been completely consistent on this, the criterion is that if the exhibition space is separate from the space for the main purpose of the place, then it counts as a gallery.

For example, if a restaurant has a separate room in which to show artwork, even if customers can take food and drink into that room, it counts as a gallery. But if the artwork is shown in the same room where customers place orders and are served, that room does not count as a gallery.