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Long-Sharp Curis

1260 Library
Detroit MI 48226

Now known as Library Street Collective, this gallery has always been partly owned by An­tho­ny and J. J. Curis. Long-Sharp Curis most­ly dealt with older, established blue chip art­ists. At some point in 2012, Rhonda Long-Sharp sold her stake to Matt Eaton, allowing her to con­cen­trate on the Long-Sharp Gallery in In­di­a­nap­o­lis.

Past exhibitions

The gallery's new website does not seem to list any exhibits under the old name. The fol­low­ing listing is what I could piece to­geth­er from my notes. This listing is in­com­plete.

For exhibitions under the new name, see Library Street Collective.

External links

Since the Library Street Collective website does not have any information about Long-Sharp Curis and the domain name www.long­sharp­curis.com was taken up by a cybersquatter (as of November 18, 2019) and later released (as of July 9, 2023), it seems safe to say that Long-Sharp Curis does not have an official website.