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The sandwich board used to announce Re:View Contemporary was open continued to serve that same function for Simone DeSousa Gallery for several months.

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Re:View Contemporary

444 W. Willis, #112
Detroit MI 48201

This gallery is now known as Simone DeSousa Gallery, after its founder, owner and director, Simone DeSousa. The change of name does not signal a change in ethos or aesthetics.

Let's face it: the old name, despite its eccentric punctuation, was extremely bland, plus it couldn't really help Google rankings. Simone DeSousa Gallery continues the Re:View Contemporary track record for flawless presentation.

The website was changed over very quickly. Facebook and other social media lagged behind for a few weeks. But for most people, the change was easy, since it had always been Simone DeSousa Gallery in their minds.

Past exhibitions

Simone DeSousa and Tiff Massey at Re:View Contemporary

Simone DeSousa and Tiff Massey at Re:View Contemporary during the opening reception for the solo show of the latter.

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