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List of Kresge Gilda Snowden Emerging Artists

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A poet and an "interdisciplinary media artist" were chosen for the Gilda Awards in 2015.


An animator and a choreographer were selected for the Gilda Award.


Austen Brantley and a novelist were selected for the Gilda Award.


Awards were given in a couple of categories.


Photographer Noura Ballout and a fiction author were each given a Gilda Award.


Awards were given in the Live Arts and the Film and Music categories.


Six artists were chosen in the Visual Arts category.

Also four were chosen in the Literary Arts category.


Gilda Awards were given in the Film & Music and Live Arts categories.

The unexpected 2014 death of the be­loved Gil­da Snow­den, a 2010 Kresge Fellow in the Vi­su­al Arts, prompted the Kresge Foundation to in­sti­tute the Gilda Awards for Emerging Artists in 2015.

The Gilda Awards are not limited to the Visual Arts category. Each year, the Gilda Awards are given in the same two categories as the Fellowships that year. Art­ists who apply for a Fellowship may opt to also be con­sid­ered for a Gilda Award.

The award comes with a $5,000 prize and some of the same opportunities as a Fellowship. A recipient of a Gilda Award becomes forever in­eligible for another Gilda Award, but may apply for a Fellowship the very next year.