Photo and painting of Gilda Snowden
Gilda Snowden, next to Delvona Johnson's portrait of her at the Red Bull House of Art.

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Gilda Snowden

Gilda Snowden was an instructor at the Col­lege for Cre­a­tive Studies (CCS) for more than three decades. A few of her paint­ings and drawings are in the De­troit In­sti­tute of Arts (DIA), and many are owned by individual and corporate collectors around the world.

In 2009, she won a Kresge Fellowship in the Vi­su­al Arts; an NCA Vision & Ex­cel­lence in the Arts Award in 2004; the Alain Locke Award in 2001, etc. Since 2015, the Kresge Foundation has awarded the Gilda Awards in con­junc­tion with the Kres­ge Fel­low­ships.

This bald recitation of facts does not do jus­tice to her importance as a mentor to not just the art­ists en­rolled in her classes but to the entire art community in Detroit and be­yond. More telling are the in­for­mal hon­ors, such as being in­cluded in the list of the art giants of Detroit. She was also a tireless sup­port­er of Detroit's art galleries. Her in­spi­ra­tion and influence on almost every art­ist she came into contact with will never fade from our memory.

One of Prof. Snowden's paintings at Cobo Center

Tornado City 2, one of Prof. Snowden's paintings at Cobo Center.

Gilda Snowden documents artwork at Detroit Artists Market

Gilda Snowden documents artwork at Detroit Artists Market.

Current exhibitions

Even if her work is not in any exhibits in a gal­lery at the moment, you can still find her paint­ings in several public and private col­lec­tions. Perhaps the most accessible is the one at the Cobo Center in down­town De­troit.

Upcoming exhibitions

Her work will continue to be exhibited in gal­leries. Since she was very prolific, it is likely we may yet discover old work of hers we did not previously know. Her family are slowly and methodically working through the estate, di­vid­ing it into various cat­e­go­ries.

Past exhibitions

It's a very long list. On her CV, which she last updated in 2010, she listed solo shows at Sherry Washington, the Sag­i­naw Mu­se­um of Art, and a few others; and duo shows with Carlos Diaz, Lisa Spindler, Michael Luchs, Yolanda Sharpe, Chris Whit­tey and Stephanie Crawford; and group exhibits at Neal Davis Gallery, Dell Pryor Gallery, etc.

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