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Hubert Massey

Painter, muralist, sculptor, Kresge Fellow in the Visual Arts 2011. In 2010, the Michigan Department of Trans­por­ta­tion commissioned him for a mural near the Bagley Pedestrian Bridge. In 2018, he started working on a fresco at Cobo Center (now TCF Center) in downtown Detroit, which may in time be part of an even larger project there. No relation to Tiff Massey.

Detail of a tile mosaic mural

Detail of Hubert Massey's Spiral of Life tile mosaic mural near the Bagley Pedestrian Bridge.

Hubert Massey about to go up

Hubert Massey on a skylift, about to go up to work on his fresco at Cobo Hall.

Upcoming exhibitions

Various plans.

Past exhibitions

I didn't start keeping track until 2019. I do want to compile a listing that goes back a little farther.

External links

There is a page about Hubert Massey on an infamous online encyclopedia that has slandered John Seigenthaler and many others, but since I can't vouch for the veracity of the information presented there at any given time, I will not provide a link.