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Carlos Diaz

Photographer, instructor at the College for Creative Studies (CCS). As a young man, he intended to become an engineer, but became more interested in photography while working at General Motors as a photographic technician in the mid-1970s.

Topics of great interest to him include carnival workers and automotive plants. Since 2015, he's been on sabbatical from CCS to continue working on his River Rouge plant project, and to begin a new project in Japan involving Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

David Klein and Carlos Diaz at David Klein Gallery

David Klein and Carlos Diaz at David Klein Gallery. Photo by Alonso del Arte.

Current exhibitions

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Past exhibitions

In addition to Michigan galleries like the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Prof. Diaz has also exhibited around the country, such as at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Ohio and the Houston Center for Photography in Texas. A complete list of exhibitions would go back to 1981.

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