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Amy Fell

Painter, a great talent flying under the radar. With her meticulous process and precise technique, she creates striking paintings full of marvellous details that are not always apparent on first viewing. Oc­ca­sion­ally paints abstractly. Her studio is in Plymouth.

Amy showed artistic talent as a child, but in college she focused on political science and communication rather than art. It wasn't until after having children that Amy decided to cultivate her talent for drawing and painting.

A painting of an American flag by Amy Fell

A painting of an American flag in a bowl, by Amy Fell.

A painting of a phone by Amy Fell

A painting of an old rotary pay phone, by Amy Fell.

Upcoming exhibitions

Various, not yet announced.

Past exhibitions

On August 16, 2018, Amy Fell had a "meet the artist" event with Claudia Hershman and Mike Ross at 1701 Bespoke, 4160 Woodward, Detroit, Michigan. The art will be up until some time in September.

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