Drawing of Amanda Kane by Kelly Guillory
Portrait of Amanda Kane, drawing by Kelly Guillory.

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Amanda Kane

Photographer. Amanda has been to many of the places in Detroit that are frequented by "urban explorers," but her landscape photos always come across respectful of the city. She is also very skilled at portraits in general and wedding photography specifically. In June 2015, she added the Awkward Theory (an alternative hip hop band) debut album art and automotive news photography bylines to her growing resume.

Photograph of downtown Detroit by Amanda Kane

Fireball: View of a Lifetime by Amanda Kane.

Amanda Kane's take on Lois Lane

Amanda Kane's take on Lois Lane.

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Various plans for 2016, 2017.

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It was mentioned above that Amanda has automotive news photography bylines in her growing resume: her seven photos for Jeff Jablansky's short take on the Camaro ZL1 in Auto World News will probably be the first of many.


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