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Doug Cannell

Doug Cannell earned a BFA de­gree from Wayne State Uni­ver­si­ty in 1980. He also stud­ied art at the College for Creative Stu­dies, and now works from his stu­dio at 333 Mid­land in in High­land Park, Mich­i­gan.

Doug began working pre­dom­i­nant­ly in clay, but in the early 1990s he began using steel as the ba­sis for his work. His sculp­tures are often made of rusted, reclaimed steel, his work is punc­tu­ated with other ma­te­ri­als like shiny stain­less steel, wood, clay, cop­per, en­caus­tic and rub­ber.

A sculpture by Doug Cannell

One of Doug's sculptures on exhibition at Galerie Camille.

Current exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

Plus various other plans.

Past exhibitions

It's a long list going back to 1993, includes ex­hi­bi­tions at the Crooked Tree Arts Center and Detroit Artists Market, as well as galleries out­side Michigan.

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