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Elaine L. Jacob Gallery (Wayne State University)

480 W. Hancock
Detroit MI 48202

Wayne State University has two art galleries. The main purpose of the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery is to give art students experience working with international artists. Faculty and students have exhibition opportunities at the nearby Art Department Gallery, which shares staff with the Jacob Gallery (for this reason, openings are staggered so as to not occur in the same week). Gallery hours have been changed for the 2019/2020 school year. I have not yet verified the new hours.

Upcoming exhibitions

Past exhibitions

View from the staircase of the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery

A view from the staircase of the Elaine L. Jacob Gallery.

This listing might be missing exhibits from 2020 and 2021. Not sure if the WSU galleries were closed for most of those two years.

There was some confusion regarding the 2015 — 2016 exhibition calendar: it mentioned Jinwong Chang as if that was the name of an artist who would be exhibiting, but then it went on to say the gallery was to be closed from October to December 2015 "for renovation and facility upgrade." Much needed clarification came with the last Art Detroit Now newsletter of November 2015, which linked to a Facebook event page created by the gallery. According to that page, Jinwon Chang's Returning Again "Hweh-Geeh" 회귀 was to be on display at the McGregor Memorial Conference Center (much closer to the Art Department Gallery than to Elaine Jacob) from November 30 through December 18.

In what may very well become an annual tradition, the gallery is once again closed for renovation during the Fall 2016 semester. In the meantime, the gallery staff assisted Beili Liu with an installation at the McGregor Conference Center (in a building connected to the building the Art Department Gallery is in) that was up from November 8 to December 16 of this year. Don't know if there was an opening reception at some point.

I think this gallery opened in 2000, I'm not sure.

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