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Emilie Beadle

Palette knife artist. In addition to gallery exhibits, Emilie also has public art installations throughout the Midwest, many of them in Michigan. Now residing in Canada, she travels frequently, sometimes visiting Michigan.

A painting by Emilie

Tree Tunnel by Emilie Beadle.

Emilie with one of her art installations

Emilie with her abstract beach sunrise, a public art installation in Royal Oak. Photo by Lindsay Carlman.

Current exhibition

Upcoming exhibitions

Emilie will also be leading a painting workshop at the Downriver Arts Guild on June 2 and 3, and participate in a gallery talk at the Surrey Art Gallery in Canada on June 7.

Past exhibitions

I should also mention that she did a palette knife painting workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit on March 19, 2017.

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And from Lori Waxman, the 60 words a minute critic:

If Camille Pissarro and Hans Hofmann got together and had a child in the age of pixels and global shipping, and that child grew up to make paintings, they might look something like the canvases of Beadle. Beadle uses a palette knife to apply thick squares of colorful oil in imperfect grids to form scenes that disappear into single point perspectives and sometimes feature elegant birch trees. Her paintings glitter and move, like bustling city streets and countrysides with weather. Their surfaces bear close looking, each individual square a unique space of layered, blended color, each tree branch a study in how the curve of paint application can equal an optical curve. The correspondences Beadle conjures through her unique style — pixels, cargo containers, mosaics, color swatches — are potent enough to take her paintings far beyond that one path and its attendant forest.