Drawing of Sanda Cook by Kelly Guillory
Portrait of Sanda Cook, drawing by Kelly Guillory.

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Sanda Cook

Since her childhood in Romania, Sanda Cook's innate talent for painting has been evident. After some time modeling in Japan, Sanda came to America and established a reputation as one of metro Detroit's most prolific painters. She has also demonstrated a natural ability for photo­graphy, and occasionally ex­hibits her photos.

In a statement displayed at many of her exhibitions, Sanda says her childhood in Romania still influences her style today.

In recent years, Sanda has been experimenting more and more with including glass and metal in her paintings.

A painting by Sanda Cook

Detail of an abstract painting by San­da Cook evocative of a seascape.

Flags on the 5th of July

Flags on the 5th of July, charcoal drawing.

Upcoming exhibitions

Plus various other plans.

Past exhibitions

Sanda continued to exhibit during the first few waves of the coronavirus pandemic. The following list may have gaps for 2020 to 2022.

Sanda also exhibited in Romania in her childhood.

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