Drawing of Sanda Cook by Kelly Guillory
Portrait of Sanda Cook, drawing by Kelly Guillory.

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Sanda Cook

Since her childhood in Romania, Sanda Cook's innate talent for painting has been evident. After some time modeling in Japan, Sanda came to America and established a reputation as one of metro Detroit's most prolific painters. She has also demonstrated a natural ability for photo­graphy, and occasionally ex­hibits her photos.

In a statement displayed at many of her exhibitions, Sanda says her childhood in Romania still influences her style today.

A painting by Sanda Cook

The End of Beginning by Sanda Cook.

Flags on the 5th of July

Flags on the 5th of July, charcoal drawing.

Current exhibitions

Sanda also has a "virtual" exhibit at the YMCA, see External Links below.

Upcoming exhibitions

Plus various other plans.

Past exhibitions

Sanda also exhibited in Romania in her childhood.

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