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List of featured artists

Now, don't confuse this with the featured artists at Detroit Artists Market. Those are roughly every two months. These are artists that have been featured on the front page of this website each week since October 2015.

While there were featured artists when this website started back in June 2015, I did not keep a list. I made another change in September 2016, switching the weekly featuring to monthly featuring. And then on January 2017 I resume keeping track of this.

With the start of the coronavirus pandemic, I stopped changing these on any regular basis. Although the pandemic is still going, there is some sense of returning normalcy, which will hopefully mean more in-person art exhibits and thus a greater impetus to change the featured artist on a regular basis.

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Alphabetical listing

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NOTE: There were no featured artists from May 2020 to April 2021, except for Charles McGee in February. The coronavirus pandemic, needlessly allowed to spread unchecked, shuttered all the art galleries for months.